August 5, 2022 to August 6, 2022
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.1
Founders: Kaden Oseen, Kyle Peterson, Ryan Sewell
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 9/10
Smart Contract: 1/10
Discord Security: 6/10
Doxxed: 8/10
Overall Score: 6/10


Hey guys! Today we present an exciting, and utility jam-packed 10k NFT collection. The collection boasts some dynamic P2E mechanics as well as a catchy story that is sure to pique the interest of many.

Presented by a semi-doxxed team with a large and engaged community, Thugcity plans to deliver a project we’ve never seen before.

Who is behind the project?

Behind the project we have three founders, of which all are doxxed to varying degrees.

Kaden Oseen – CTO
Ryan Sewell – COO
Kyle Peterson – CFO

These founders are also co-founders of the start up Web3 Elevation Labs. Web3 Elevation Labs is a full service Blockchain development business. They will build your idea from inception to creation. In addition, they are also currently in the early stages of building another two projects, which can be viewed here.

Team Members

ThugCity boasts a lean team. The following are confirmed founder/team members.

Kaden Oseen – CTO
Ryan Sewell – COO
Kyle Peterson – CFO
Nic Isla Luttmann – Advisor
Vitor Akiyama – Dev
Adrian Gramatke – Dev

As you can see from the above list, only the co-founders are doxxed by social profile.


Like any blockchain P2E game there needs to be an array of dynamic mechanics in play in order to keep the ecosystem in check.

Once you mint the project you will be needing to wait a few days for the reveal. Once revealed you will have one of two specific types.


In most cases you will reveal a Thug NFT. A Thug is the most common ThugCity NFT type available, with 9,000 (or 90% of the collection) being Thugs. You will be able to stake your Thug and also commit crimes with your Thug(s) in order to have a chance of earning some of the in-game token $BILLS. However, committing crimes does not come without risk. There is always a possibility of losing the upfront $BILLS investment cost when committing a crime. Some crimes are riskier, others are easier to get away with. You can use your accrued bills to purchase weapons from the Gun Store, better weapons will allow you to commit harder crimes.

Thugs can be arrested by the Police Officers if they fail in a crime — although it is yet to be announced what the penalty of this will be to the Thug, maybe an inability to stake for a short while or something along those lines.

Thugs can purchase weapons that come in the form of linear, chronological upgrades. i.e Pistol>SMG>Rifle>Automatic Rifle and so on, each tier upgrade will cost 1000 $BILLS.

Thugs can be staked in their apartment and earn $BILLS at a rate of 1000 per day.

Police Officer

If you are lucky you may receive one of the 1,000 (10% of the collection) Police Officers. Police Officers are here to protect ThugCity from the overwhelming amount of criminals on the streets.

Police Officers are able to be staked and will earn $BILLS at a slightly higher rate (20% more) 1200 per day. By default, your Police Officer will be staked in the Police Station. Staking in the Police Station is the easiest way to get started as it will not require you to have access to higher-tier weapons purchased from the Gun Store. However, if you choose to purchase higher-tier weapons, you can be staked (positioned) somewhere where you have the potential to earn medallions in addition to your base $BILLS.

Medallions are special rewards given to cops for each successful arrest made on a Thug whilst staked in an eligible location. Medallions are rumoured to have powerful future uses.


The Hotel is a neutral area, which is where both unstaked Police Officers and Thugs will reside before they are put into a position for staking.

Gun Store

The Gun Store is where both Thug and Police Officer are allowed to purchase weapon upgrades which allow them to rob/protect higher tier locations in exchange for enhanced rewards.

The Gun Store owner is an ex-cop and so provides a 20% discount on all Police Officer weapon upgrades. The base weapon upgrade for a Thug costs 1000 $BILLS per upgrade, in contrast to the 800 it costs a Police Officer.

Locations – Protectable as Police Officer, Robbable as Thug

ThugCity boasts a variety of locations to rob and protect, each with higher weapon tier requirements than the last.

In order we have:

The Dealership is one of the most basic spots where you can expect to see most of the players at the beginning of the game. The Dealership does not have a weapon tier requirement, meaning anyone can protect or rob this place, with no upfront in-game investment cost (other than the 1000 $BILLS required to begin the robbery). Police officers will earn medallions for protecting and arresting Thugs here. Thugs on the other hand can steal cars which will be in-game ERC:1155 NFTs which will be stored in the Thug’s apartment. The cars may have a use later on.

Prisons are a bit like the dealership but have the entry requirement of a tier 2 weapon for both Police Officers and Thugs. The purpose of the Prison is to hold Thugs and Thug Bosses, when attempting a robbery a Thug will attempt to find a Thug Boss to release, but if not, will find a Thug to release. If the Thug fails in his attempt to free an inmate, then a Police Officer staked at the Prison will arrest the Thug and earn medallions as a result.

It is not confirmed what a Thug will receive from freeing a Thug Boss, or a Thug. Perhaps a Thug Boss will pay you a hefty reward for expediting his return to society?

The Casino is the second most valuable place to protect/rob in the game. It requires Police Officers and Thugs to have tier 3 weapons. If a Thug wishes to rob the casino then they will have to sacrifice 4000 $BILLS on an attempt to secure the potential rewards. Police Officers will earn more medallions than the lower tier locations from arresting criminals here.

The Bank is the highest tier location in the game. Requiring the use of tier 4 weapons for both Police Officers and Thugs.
If a Thug would like to attempt to rob the location, in addition to the tier 4 weapon requirement, they will also need to put together a team and sacrifice 8000 $BILLS for the potential rewards.
If a Police Officer catches a Thug here, then they will receive a substantial reward of medallions.

In addition to being protectable/robbable, The Bank provides the use of withdrawing your $BILLS to your wallet (MetaMask etc).

All locations will provide rewards to both sides for protecting or robbery. Some of the rewards will be issued as ERC 1155 NFTs, like the cars from the Dealership as mentioned previously. All locations that require a $BILLS cost to rob will be burned when the Thug makes this payment, adding a deflationary element to the game.

More locations are said to be added in the future, these will provide additional functionality to the game, as well as providing extra locations for protection/robbery. You can read the full whitepaper here.


  • Twitter – 28.1k followers | Joined February 2022 – the first tweet is in Feb with no deletion. Likely a purpose-made account for the project. Tweets receive decent engagement – could be better though.
  • Discord – 16.5k members | 1.3k online – Discord seems to be fairly active. A lot of chat going on between the members. Security is ok, could be better. Lack of verification and placement of bots is questionable. No shilling channels which is a bonus.
  • Instagram – 4k followers | Regular posts, account became active in February 2022.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract not yet available.

Price & Mint Date

The price will be 0.1 ETH. Releasing on the 5th of August for whitelist sales. Public releasing on the 6th of August 2022. Reveal will take place a few days after public sale.


ThugCity has all the makings of a great P2E project. They have a well-fleshed-out ecosystem that provides some deflationary mechanics. As well as being a P2E game, the game looks enjoyable in its own right. Which makes a great change to some of these robotic-looking P2E games you frequently see (I’m not pointing any fingers).
If the team can commit to the vision they are selling then I believe that ThugCity could be a successful project that has the potential to deliver not only fun but also value to its holders.
The only downside I can point out from this project is that some of the mechanics could do with better explanation, and the rewards issued could also benefit from a better explanation on their distribution. Aside from this one small point, I am excited to see how ThugCity pans out.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.