Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.00
Discord Security: 4/5 (Excellent)
Roadmap and Utility:
  • Tripsters are a collection of 10,000 psychedelic mushrooms and toads chilling on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Project Rating

Design: 8/10
Smart Contract: 1/10
Discord Security: 7/10
Doxxed: 10/10
Overall Score: 6.5/10


  1. Tripsters are a collection of 10,000 psychedelic mushrooms and toads chilling on the Ethereum Blockchain. Blockchain-Ethereum Price-TBD Supply-10,000 NFTs which includes 9000 mushrooms and 1000 toads. Minting Status- TBD Approximately 1100 Whitelist spots have been filled although the total number has not been announced to date. The project has an OG spot as well for the first 500 whitelisted people, who will be given a slightly lower mint price in comparison to whitelist sales and public sales.


    Serum Drop** The utility promise is quite distinctive and novel. They promise holders an airdrop of a “mushroom serum” or “toad serum” NFT within 72 hours of mint completion. These NFTs can be used to enter something called the trip Generator Room *(a DAPP in all probability), which will allow compatible NFTs from any other project to interact with the serum NFT and create another psychedelic version of their NFT via a completely new token while retaining the original one. The serum NFTs will be burned once used. Currently, these serums are only compatible with BAYC, but the project plans to include other NFT collections in the future. A BAYC NFT can be tripped 3 times to create a rarer psychedelic NFT. If a holder is not interested in using the serum or does not own an NFT from a compatible project, it can sell the serum in the secondary marketplace.

    MAYC Serum Drop– TBA post opening up the Trip Generator Room.

    Announcement of a P2E Game Demo The last 2 milestones on the roadmap are extremely vague and there is no clarity on the timeline or execution strategy. The project claims to have a merchandise store already at- although the same is under development.

  2. TEAM INFORMATION According to the website, the team comprises 3 Co-founders and 4 other members that include a Comms. Director, Creative Director, CTO and Senior Advisor. Jayson Winer, one of the Co-founders is one of the two-member who seems to be doxed.

    His Twitter profile dates back to 2012, although there are no tweets prior to June 03, 2021, and most of them are regarding the Tripsters project. His Instagram profile is his personal account which seems 100% legitimate.

    The company delivers software solutions and helps projects accelerate, although it is not clear how they incubate/ assist projects.

    There is no clear mention of the team on the website, and their credentials seem to be derived from their work with Bezoge Earth. His Twitter Profile is of August 2021 and seems to be legitimate. His Instagram profile is his personal account which seems 100% legitimate.

    All other team members are anonymous, and their profiles were made between December 2021-February 2022. Links to profiles-

    ConstantinCodez A Forbes article covering the project surprisingly only mentions Jason Winer as the founder. The article also covers Oscar Kowalski and Global Incubator but does not mention any other member of the team.

    Mr. Tripster (@JaysonW84)

    BAYC 8147 | MAYC 7764 |Co-founder @Tripsters |Family first | Father of

    +| Fortune favours the brave | IncubatorDigital Ecosystem. World-class teams that deliver game-changing software solutions.Oskar Kowalski (@Therealoskark)FATHER

    Entrepreneur | Innovator | Futurist featured in @forbes @bloomberg @yahoofinance | Advisor- @bezoge | Founding Team @tripsters | IG:TheRealOskarKFollowers7227Tweets102ImageTwitterLogin • InstagramWelcome back to Instagram. Sign in to check out what your friends, family & interests have been capturing & sharing around the world.
  3. LEGAL

    The website has detailed terms and conditions and a privacy policy. The legal entity behind the project is Tripsters LLC, having its registered address at 1000 Brickwell Avenue, Suite 715, DPT#30058, Miami, Florida. The registered office seems to be a virtual address with mail handling services, as this particular office space is known to host a large number of virtual offices out of a single legal address. (Google search-1000 Brickell Ave, Ste 715, Miami, FL, 33131) The terms of service do not give ownership to the artwork of the NFTs. It does not allow usage of the artwork or NFTs for any commercial purpose, although allows the creation of derivative works and merchandise. This is quite strange in itself, as without commercial rights, giving merchandising rights is futile. The terms contain a class action waiver, and any users/minters are prohibited to initiate a class action suit.

  4. SOCIALS Discord- 19,300 members with 6500-7000 online which is a very good ratio (40%). High engagement rate and continuous chats. • Two-step verification and 2 different bots for authentication are present. • No shilling channel • No commands channel • Discord claims to be closed (opened at random intervals) but I was able to enter when the status was red. Twitter- • Followers- 88.2K • Account created in January 2022. They got verified on 16 March 2022. • Their engagement rate is high for giveaway posts (5-6k Retweets) whereas the engagement substantially drops for non-giveaway posts ranging from 350-600. • The account usually posts giveaways and collab-giveaways and has just 28 tweets to date. Instagram • Followers- 1660 • Engagement rate is very good, ranging from 600-1100. • The account has just 6 posts