September 8, 2022 to
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.15
Founders: Aurélien-Ressencourt, Ladislas Gueros, Edgard Cros, Nicolas Daegelen, Simon Goeneutte-lefevre, Michael Bellamy, Romain Pedreno
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 8/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 6/10
Doxxed: 9/10
Overall Score: 7/10


Hey guys, today we have a clean, high-quality art project to review. WeAbove is an art/pfp NFT project with a maximum supply of 8751 Ethereum-based ERC721 NFTs. The animated artwork consists of slick, next-gen style avatars featuring a host of different traits. In addition, the team is also fully doxxed and have worked on a range of impressive projects outside of the NFT space.

Let’s jump in!

Who is Behind the Project?

Behind the project there is a rather large team of doxxed co-founders, seven of them to be precise. The co-founders Aurel, Lad, Ed, Nico, Sim, Mika & Romp are all doxxed down to their LinkedIn profiles. From the profiles available we can see that many of the co-founders have worked on world-class projects – for example, six of seven co-founders previously worked for Fortiche and worked on animating and producing titles such as Arcane which was released by Netflix and rose to critical acclaim. Overall, the founding team are a robust group and well experienced.

Team Members

As can be seen, each co-founder is fully doxxed. We have LinkedIn profiles of each and every founder, for some members, we have even more information. The founder’s credentials back up their claims – we can see every member is highly experienced in their respective role.

About the collection

WeAbove is an Ethereum-based NFT collection of 8751 top-quality NFTs. The collection features immaculate aesthetics and crisp animated characters dominate the collection. The artwork features a wide range of traits ensuring a lot of variety within the collection. Each NFT comes posed with an animated crystal levitating in the hand – these aren’t just any crystals, they vary based on the traits you receive!
With a wide variety of styles and designs, you’re sure to find the perfect NFT. And with the unique trait system, you can be sure that your NFT is truly one-of-a-kind.

Additionally, there are three character types that exist within the WeAbove universe, Ordos, Freo & Altari. You will notice that based on the character type a different shape crystal will be levitating above each hand.


These humans also appear to be Cyborgs. The Ordos come across as technologically superior, refined individuals.


These humans cannot be held down. They have a wild side and they like to express it. For those that cannot be chained down, Freo is the choice for you.


The Altari are the darker bunch of the collection. These dark NFTs are for those that wish to embrace their evil side. Some of them also have an uncanny resemblance to some CloneX NFTs.


We also know that there are some upcoming Legendaries – there is only one sneak preview available so far.

One of the exclusive Legendary WeAbove NFTs.

The project itself is first and foremost an art project. The team has some holder benefits included, however, these are sparse and include the run-of-the-mill merchandise offerings.

Road Map

The Road Map is small and features some sections that are currently hidden until later down the line. No set dates are mentioned so holders may need to wait a while for features to become available.

1. The Lab

The first phase involves real-world, physical masterpieces being produced – we don’t yet know how these are distributed or what exactly defines a “masterpiece”.

2. The Tailor

The team reports that they are working with the finest designers and brands to supply holders with some new top-tier fashion items. Stay tuned for more information.

3. The Archives

Holders will be able to interact with the Archivist to explore the history and universe of WeAbove. Holders will be able to help shape the future of WeAbove through these interactions.

4. The Servers

The team are planning to create “Metaverse-Ready Elements” supposedly allowing holders to get the virtual version of themselves to use in The Sandbox.

5. The Congress


6. The Keys of Mystery



  • Twitter – 138.4k followers | Joined April 2022 – Large Twitter account. The team make very regular tweets. Engagement is average to good on most posts. Regular collaborations are made.
  • Discord – 42.4k Members | 8k Online – Large Discord. Simple push-button verification. No shilling channels. Regular Discord users sit above bots. Chat moves along pretty quickly.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

One WeAbove NFT will cost 0.15 ETH.

Minting begins on September 8th 2022.

  • Whitelist – 16:00 – 19:00 UTC (Max 3 NFT per wallet)
  • Raffle – (if not sold out) 17:00 – 19:00 UTC (Max 2 NFT per wallet)
  • Public – (if not sold out) 19:00 – Onward UTC (Max 2 NFT per wallet)


From the sneak peeks of the artwork we’ve seen, this looks like a very well-constructed and highly polished art/pfp NFT project. It also seems that the project has a rather thriving community, judging from Discord. The founders are also fully doxxed and none of the goals set is unrealistic.
The negative of the project is the high mint price. A 0.15 ETH mint from newcomers to the space, with little utility, could be a hard sell. However, the momentum that the project currently has could carry this.

All in all, it could be a worthwhile investment – the project ticks all of the boxes, but my only concern is the mint price and how that value will hold over time.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.