World of Alidia

World of Alidia

Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.10
Discord Security: 5/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 10/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 9/10
Doxxed: 10/10
Overall Score: 8.5/10


World of Alidia is a 10K profile pic collection of beautiful art, where the NFT’s also double as tickets to a network of female change-makers.

The founder is Vanja Wikström, a well-known entrepreneur and a highly experienced businesswoman with many successful business launches to her name. Each WoA NFT has been randomly generated from over 450 possible hand-drawn character traits, including skin type, clothing, backgrounds, and more.

WoA is female-focused, and female-led, and is also the first big NFT project in Scandinavia. WoA Holders get access membership club (The WoA Hub) that exists both as a physical space in Stockholm as well as a digital one. The Woa Hub offers everything from a co-working space and an NFT Gallery to free concerts and workshops. All that happens in the Hub will be live-streamed so that holders can enjoy the WoA perks from anywhere in the world.  

The essence of our WoA community is to connect women – while bringing them into web3. WoA NFt Holder will get lifetime access to the Hub. 10% of the royalty will go into the community wallet. The funds will be used to support female lead businesses and artists. The products will be distributed back to the WoA holders.

All holders will receive multiple free NFT’s from the WoA Gallery and partner collections, as well as one free NFT from the second WoA collection for every two original WoA NFT’s in the wallet. 

Price: 0.1
Mint Date: 28. June 2022
Supply: 5000 NFT’s



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Discord Security 5/5


The first step is building up the Woa Hub and Gallery and the WoA Hub business network. In the physical space in Stockholm, WoA NFT holders get exclusive access to a membership club with co-working, a café and lounge area and yoga room, and much more. The WoA Hub will host lectures, workshops, concerts, and networking events – all of which will be live-streamed and up for grabs in the digital WoA Hub. Nft giveaways in discord and airdrop to all holders. The first fashion brand collab will be revealed. Pop Up WoA Hubs will also appear in different cities/countries, with the long-term plan to establish more physical spaces throughout the world. There will be a Launch of a Woa Merch Store, Wow Kids movie production, a second brand collaboration, and WoA wearable airdrop to all holders. There will be also a launch of the second Woa collection where 50% will be distributed to holders. Planned is also the Lunch of Woa Token (Airdrop to holders) and the reveal of the roadmap 2.0

Final Thoughts

World of Alidia is a female-led Scandinavian NFT project with the higher purpose of helping women into the web3 space. WoA is also the first real NFT project from this part of the world. The WoA discord is already one of Scandinavia’s biggest and bubbliest NFT communities! I have worked with WoA in the last few weeks and helped them to build collaborations. WoA has received a lot of support. The founders are very invested and WoA is built for the long term. Vanja is a successful entrepreneur and being the first big NFT Project from Scandinavia could bring many IRL Collaborations to which Vanja has access. I am curious about the first fashion collaboration and the movie production.

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